Tavata’s pricing is affordable and straightforward. There is a minimal flat fee plus per text messaging fee, with no hidden or set up fee. Tavata’s Pay Per Text payment method makes it one of the most affordable text messaging webchat software out there. There is actually no other webchat software that matches our pricing. On the other hand, Birdeye charges an entry pricing of $249 with a long-term commitment requirement. Compared to Birdeye’s high entry pricing and long-term commitment, Tavata’s pay-per-text pricing and minimal monthly pricing make it the best and most affordable alternative webchat software to Birdeye. To learn how our Review Management tool, Review Tool, stacks up against Birdeye Reviews, check out this page: Birdeye Alternative.

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$349 Per Month

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$249 Per Month

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$19 Per Month (+ pay per text)
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